Hello! I am Lorenzo. As owner and creator of Juan Valiente I have been asked to write this website. The texts are personal and passionate but so is Juan Valiente.

Twenty seven years in the making and worked on by over 150 artisans, Juan Valiente aspires to be the ultimate Home from Home. Classified as a luxury country house, we are shameless in our search for your pleasure. You will be welcomed as honoured guests into an environment designed to rescue you from the cares of life and set you down in paradise. From the awesome location on the bend of a river surrounded by towering mountains to the hand made chocolates by your bed, we set out to nourish your senses.



Unlike hotels with row upon row of numbered identical rooms, we cater for only fourteen people who together share in a collection of delights ranging from eating organic ice creams in our private cinema or reclining by our mineral water pool to Michelin star quality food accompanied by vintage wine from our bodega. Our commitment to your well-being reaches beyond the borders of our extensive gardens as we advise, plan and facilitate your exploration of the diversity of culture and landscape which the province has to offer.


A place of serene delights with background music supplied by the wind in the trees, cascading water and birdsong, we also throw legendary parties and mini conferences. So if you are exchanging rings or a team planning strategy, let us pencil you in.


Underpinning everything we do is an ethos, an essence. As hard to define as to create, perhaps that essence is “being human”. So our food is physical, not intellectual, our rooms, intimate and named, the house hand made and visceral. When Isadora Duncan, founder of modern dance was asked why she danced, she replied “ If I could tell you I wouldn’t have to dance.” So it is with Juan Valiente, a place whose ethos cannot be explained and must be lived.


We look forward to meeting you