Life’s little pleasures

What humans desire is unfathomable and endlessly varied. So when setting out to decide what pleasures to add we had to make choices. Let’s hope we got them right.

The Cinema


Lying on the sofa watching a film on a big TV is good but it’s a far cry from going to the cinema. At Juan Valiente we like authenticity and when applied to films that means we had to have a proper cinema. So whenever the mood takes you, wander down into the basement, grab an ice cream, some popcorn and a drink and settle down in real ramped cinema seats to enjoy your favourite film in full HD with 5.1 surround sound. Guests are welcome to bring their own movies on blue-ray or any USB device or select from our ever growing video library.

The Gym

Whether your work-out of choice is aerobic or muscle mass, yoga or stamina, if you have the will, we have the way. You’ll find most of the usual machines plus mats and punch bag though we chose not to install a treadmill. After all, we are surrounded by outstanding running country with routes from the front door of all difficulty levels and the idea of going no-where on a treadmill when you can move through a world heritage landscape simply doesn’t fit with our ethos. Apologies to Hamsters.

The Pool

We have a good pool and along with everything else here, it was designed to be unique and perfectly integrated in the landscape. So the shape is organic and the feed a waterfall cascading from rocks. The water itself is mineralized and maintained via molecular ionization to be kind to skin and the tiles Italian glass specially made to match the mountains. Our pool is flat bottomed to allow for wandering about in the water and game playing and our wine glasses have specially weighted bottoms to ensure they bob beside you as you perhaps float on an inflatable watching the towering mountains revolve.


Pool and 8-ball are all very well but they are to snooker what a subway sandwich is to a banquet. Most people are hopeless at snooker but that’s irrelevant. The dimensions of the table, the sound of the ball when well struck, the inevitable silences punctuated by polite remarks, the slowing of time and the cradling of a glass of single malt as you sit in your solid oak chair waiting your turn, are pleasures in themselves. Our uncompromising search for an antique table means that at time of writing we have yet to take delivery. Contact us for installation date due some time in June 2015.

The Pool House

A regular favourite with guests, the Pool House is a classic equipped with bar, fridges, high end sound system, BBQs and hammocks. In summer lunch is often served at the monolithic granite table where diners, wet and sun drenched await the next tray of grilled meats or charcoal baked fish arriving from the BBQ. At night expect to be drawn by the floodlit mountains, the glowing illuminated water and the wafting music. Come on down and have a drink at our al-fresco bar.

The Gardens

Juan Valiente is surrounded by a large garden with over 100 species of flower, shrub and tree including over 20 varieties of fruit and nut all of which ends up on the lunch table. Depending on the time of year you will be invited to pick fruit from the trees or even vegetables from our allotment. It seems that eating a dripping peach you have picked or being served tomatoes you plucked from the vine are pleasures universally appreciated.
There are various seating areas crowned by a rock plateau high above the house from where you can enjoy panoramic views of the sierras. There is also a children’s playground with swings, slide and climbing frame.