Unique Moments, Eternal Memories

Juan Valiente is an ideal place to get married, have a conference, run a study course or just party.


Our record which you are welcome to help us break is to feed 100 guests at a single outdoor table. We offer you unlimited menu choices and access to our extensive bodega. Every detail from the seating plan to table decoration and the waiters clothes will be carefully studied and adjusted to your budget.


Juan Valiente is ideal for groups of up to 14 people and with multi-media conference facilities in the cinema, full office set-up, a live in Spanish-English interpreter and total privacy, this should be your venue of choice for group holidays, residential courses, high level meetings and mini conferences. Don’t forget to book early so we can reserve the whole building for you.

Back-up Services

The success of an event depends as much on the pre-event details as the day itself. We can organise hairdressers, make-up, babysitters, parking attendants, security guards, invitation designs, floral displays, airport collection and additional accommodating in local hotels.


We can provide : Dancers, magicians, acrobats, fire eaters, clowns, DJ’s, live bands and probably anything else you can think of including officials for civil marriages if you don’t want to use the exquisite local church.

Juan Valiente is deeply private and secure and there are no neighbours to complain if the noise gets out of hand.