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Here it is, our 2019 seasonal menu. A mix of old favourites and new dishes, we hope you will enjoy it as much as we did testing and sampling each offering.


Have I told you before that we  test every new dish with a panel of food fanatics? Well, we do. I believe that food should be eaten and not talked about but I can’t resist showing off and anouncing that our croquetas have been voted third best in Spain. Not bad as every man woman and dog here makes croquetas.


As always, nothing from supermarkets and everything from our own land or bought from people we know. Enough! I’m getting hungry. care to join me?

28-Mar-2019|Categories: News|

Art : the best of humanity

There is nothing quite like creativity, that wondrous human ability to surprise and inform through art.

At Juan Valiente we are comitted to art and have been busy buying some new additions for our ecclectic collection. So next time you book, take time to say hello to Iggy, the Galapagan Sea Iguana or spend some time with a glass in hand decifering Emily Jones’ new work, Endimion.

And hey, if  you feel in the mood, I am sure we can find you a sketch pad, some paints and pencils and send you off with a pic-nic to create your own fragment of art. It might not be gallery quality but it will be yours and thus unique and of value.


28-Mar-2019|Categories: News|

Reach out and harvest your lunch

At Juan Valiente we have always been fussy eaters. In a world where the notion of good food  is increasingly based on the complexity of the presentation and weirdness of the ingredients, with dishes resembling minimalist art or caligraphy with no nutritional value, we are getting down to essentials.

Food is above all else, a source of nhealth and energy, a physical, sensual pleasure, and a chance to bond with nature.
So as of this year we have doubled the land under cultivation and increased our variety of produce.

Next time you are here, grab a straw hat from the hall, ask for a basket, harvest some fruit, salads and vegetables
and drop them into our kitchen. We’ll do the rest but leave the smiles for you.

28-Mar-2019|Categories: News|

Love is in the air

Juan Valiente is now ready and waiting to host weddings and all things celebratory. As with everything we do, our emphasis is on informal excellence. So guests are sat at a single table up to 22 m long under a pergola surrounded by music on bronzed chairs with handmade cushions and the bride and groom pledge their love beside a mineral water pool under the kind gaze of a fig tree. Why not wake up in the private hotel voted best in Spain and look across at the beautiful gardens which will be the stage of your celebration of love?

04-Oct-2017|Categories: News|

Summer Food 2017

The temperature’s rising and the menu is changing. More salads and cold soups and charcoal on the BBQ. Don’t worry if you eat and drink too much, Our teak recliners are a crawl away!

24-May-2017|Categories: News|

Our Winter Menu

Juan Valiente proudly presents out Winter Menu 2017. Hungry?

30-Dec-2016|Categories: News|

We’ve Reached the Summit

Ten months, 627 guests and several sleepless nights and we’ve made it! As of today we have reached the summit of Rusticae (www.rusticae.es) the prestigious  website dedicated to the top unique hotels of Europe with a perfect 10.00 score. A big “thank you” to all those wonderful people who wrote their comments in Avaibook, Trip Adviser and Rusticae and made us number one.

24-Mar-2016|Categories: News|

Snow is in the air, food is on the table

Winter has finally arrived and with it, our choice of dishes to warm the heart and tummy. New choices include Wild Boar and Forest Deer with potatoes from the Sierra.  Sit down, tuck in, I’m off to light the fire.

29-Feb-2016|Categories: News|

Waking the Senses

We have a blackboard in the hall where we write news for our guests of important events like the arrival of a new cheese or the chance to hear a live saxophonist in the central couryard that evening. I think it pays testament to how well two of our guests settled into Juan Valinete, when I tell you that on leaving, seeing chalk and an empty blackboard, they wrote the message above for us. Translated into English it reads, “Thank you for awakening our senses”. Well thank you Yami and Dani for paying us the best compliment we could ever hope for.

09-Feb-2016|Categories: News|

Love is in the air

Christmas, Easter and their like will come and go as religions rise and fall but Love, now that’s eternal. So come and celebrate your sweet Valentine at Juan Valiente. Let us lay out bowls of exotic fruits, read you love stories by the fire, leave Cava and candles by the Jacuzzi and renew your skin with our mineralized facial clay. Hold hands in swinging hammocks, dine by candle light and cuddle up in the back row of our cinema for love is in the air.

Our Valentine two night stay is available from 13-15 February 2016 : 350,00€

14-Jan-2016|Categories: News|